Monday, February 1, 2010

The Biz Monday Starter: Theatre School Reviewed

I literally can't get enough of this blog. I am constantly searching the web for interesting Theatre/Film/Entertainment tidbits and I always return here. Reading it is like a big gulp of clean, refreshingly honest, reflective conversation.

A post that caught me eye immediately was Thinking Out Loud: Why I Need A Study Group (or Where Theatre School Failed Me)

How could it not catch my eye? I felt as if someone had finally pinpointed and written down all of my post-graduation angst. My first thought, "Thank god I am not alone." My second thought, "Canada would be a great place to live. When can I move?" I love the idea of people from all facets of the artistic community coming together to discuss, question, and theorize about art.

In case you can't read the full article here are some questions discussed at their meetings:
  • How do we respond to our artistic lineage?
  • If we had­ postmodernism, why do I need to think about modernism?
  • How do I dedicate myself to thinking critically and artistically about my world and still participate in it?
  • Is it valuable to impose old work on new performers?
  • Is amateur participation in the arts making professional art redundant?
I also pulled this last paragraph in full:

For me, it’s an act of stretching myself into unfamiliar territory around people who relate to the same basic structures that I do, so I can think daringly without feeling alone at sea. It’s about conjuring the kind of curiosity and imagination that can lead to entirely new ways of working. I always leave feeling “activated”. For months the ideas and questions raised sit poised at the front of my mind, ready when I see a show and wonder “what is this show doing – and how do I feel about it?” or “how does this show fit into the arts ecology of Toronto/Canada/the world?”

We meet next Tuesday February 2nd and welcome new faces. We’ll be talking about audience as community and beauty (among other things). You can read the details of all our past and future goings-on here.

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