Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playback Tuesday: Screenplay

Normally, Playback Tuesday involves the reading of a play or screenplay, but I thought that I'd like to extend it to books that have to deal with the any aspect of the Industry that I am curious to know more about. I was first introduced to Syd Field's book through a college screenwriting class. As you might imagine, I read very little of the book while I was actually taking the class. It was one of those books that we were strongly encouraged to read, but no assignment was directly tied into the reading of it. Therefore, I didn't truly discover how interesting the book was until a year after I had graduated. I found it, pages crisp, the new book smell still firmly intact, lying on a pile of other unused college artifacts. I am glad I rescued it. The book no longer has the new book smell, the pages are full of highlight marks and pencil stars, but I think it is much more happy. Syd Field is a man who is unafraid to use repetition to beat a concept or term into your head. I being, occasionally concept challenged, appreciate this greatly. If you are interested in learning about one man's theory (though generally accepted by Hollywood) about what makes a good screenplay or feel as if there is a screenplay lurking somewhere in the depths of your soul, this book is a great place to start.

For more info on the book:
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For more info on the man:

Syd Field

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