Friday, January 8, 2010

Film Flash Friday: Avatar

I must admit that anything I say about Avatar from this point on can be hotly contested because I may have allowed myself to be blown away by the 3-D. This is definitely that movie where I'd like to kindly advise any person who hasn't seen the movie to not even think about buying tickets to the 2-D version--the 3-D version is worth the extra 2 to 3 dollars. (A slight disclaimer...for our 3-D experience glasses were a requirement...not the two tone ones from 70s, but glasses none-the-less so if you wear glasses already and don't have easy access to contacts I am not sure if it is the same.) So, before the film starts you get to see 3-D. Alice in Wonderland is a preview that stood out in my mind.

I wish I could explain the amount of visual detail that you as an audience member get to see and experience, or how visual effects can actually work to enhance the storyline of a film. I believe, though, it will have to be experienced rather than explained. The widespread usage of this technology will definitely have interesting effects on the film industry...despite the cost of the film, and the amount of money needed to just "break-even" it looks as if Avatar is a hit. How 3-D will affect films that rely less on action adventure to propel the story forward? I cannot say.

The biggest gripe about the film, is a common gripe for action adventure films...the story was weak. I, however, thought the story was just fine. A masterpiece, no. Somewhat predictable outcomes, villains, and heroes, yes. But for what it was, an intense action film that put the audience in a breathtaking world far away from home, it was great...and one could even, with little effort, take away some political undertones. One friend mentioned, the capture of Hawaii.

I liked it. I was left slightly speechless afterward, and felt like I had just witnessed some sort of monumental shift in film. It might also help if I added that I saw the film in Helena, MT. I had assumed that a place like Helena would have no theater with the capability to see 3-D...that I'd have to wait until I got to some bigger city. Oh, naive me...I forgot that you don't release a film like Avatar if only people in major metropolitan areas can see make sure that you give it every opportunity you can to be a huge success.

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