Monday, January 25, 2010

The Biz Monday Starter: Decimating the Arts through Lack of Funds

I begin this Monday morning with thoughts of the Arts. What is Art worth? It's funny to try and place a monetary value on Art. When I say Art, I am including everything from visual to performance to written works. Whether or not it is fair to answer that question, the truth is that there is a monetary value placed on the arts. Funding, whether through grants, government, or business, puts a value on artistic endeavors. Money makes the world go round, and it also makes the arts happen. In British Columbia, provincial arts are facing 92% cuts to their funds. What impresses me so much is how they are coming together to fight it! I am enamored with their artistic community and the way in which they voice their outrage.

Here is a video I pulled from this post on the Praxis Theatre blog...a constant source of inspiration.

They even link to this website where you can see a "list of prominent British Columbians and Canadians speak out against the cuts." 8% of the arts does not look promising.

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