Saturday, December 5, 2009

Picture Perfect Weekend

I have a fascination with libraries. The ability to borrow more material than I could ever possibly afford to buy is a simple pleasure that I try hard not to overlooked. Libraries remind me that I am extremely fortunate to be literate. A seemingly simple thing that really took years to master--I think about this sometimes when I am reading Harriet Tubman's biography. How much society, expectations, and access to education has come, and how far it still has to go.

Every place I go I try and visit libraries. The picture above is of one of the two lions in front of the "Queen's Library" in NYC. Below are two images taken from the downtown Charlotte, NC library. I have many more photos of the quotes they had up, many of them extremely inspiring, that I may share later.


  1. Yes!

    I currently work in one and I don't plan to ever not work in one. It is the best job ever.

  2. I am extremely excited that someone else has a passion for libraries. They really are some of the best places on Earth! Which library do you work at?