Friday, December 18, 2009

Film Flash Friday: Hamlet 2

Movies always hold such hope for me. Maybe it is because the hype surrounding them has become so much more sophisticated. For instance, in the case of Hamlet 2, I knew some of the lyrics to the films main song, "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" before the film arrived in theatres. I also understood that the producers of the South Park and Team America produced this movie. I am not sure what that means exactly. It has become common practice for producers of popular movies to do this. As if producing a successful movie means success with another. Forget the fact that the writers, directors, editors, and actors could be entirely different. A producer is supposed to have some magic power that overcomes those things I guess. That being said, I was excited about this movie. A film that makes fun of theatre and actors looked like a good time...never again will I let a preview take me in. The first five minutes of the movie had me laughing, the rest of the movie had me checking my watch. Which brings me to the question of how could something with the potential to be so good go so horribly wrong? It went from a fun romp in satire to a nosedive into the silly and stereotypical. Except that the stereotypical wasn't even funny, just painful. The main song that I had been treated to in almost every preview of the movie came at me in the last (merciful) thirty minutes of the film when the talked about play was finally performed. I wanted to scream is this all you have? Theatre people are some of the craziest people I know and this is all you have to say about high school theatre and the people who teach it? How can you mess up this film with so many funny people/situations to chose from? It was almost like they used a serious film about a white teacher helping inner city kids to be better people and tried to make the worst hour and a half SNL sketch I've ever seen.

That being said, feel free to check out the madness for yourself. Hamlet 2 is out on dvd...

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